Metal recovered by Scanmetals is sold under the DRYINC® mark, a registered brand for recycled non-ferrous metals originating from incinerated household and municipal waste.

As a consequence of the different metallurgical properties and melting points of the contained non-ferrous metals they will remain relatively unaffected or suffer only minor oxidation losses during incineration. For example, aluminium may melt whereas copper and stainless steel will be unchanged. As a consequence, almost all metal contained in waste sent to EfW facilities can be recovered. Key non-ferrous metals recovered and sorted by Scanmetals include: aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, gold, silver and stainless steel.

The majority of the metal recovered by Scanmetals is furnace ready and no further sorting is required.

Material can be delivered loose or in big bags.

For Sales please contact:

Håkan Larsson
Chief Commercial Officer
+46 708588555

DRYINC® Aluminium

DRYINC® Copper



DRYINC® Stainless Steel

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