Management team

442A0763 kopi

Ejvind Pedersen
Founder and Director

+45 4026 5830

442A0734 kopi

Håkan Larsson
Chief Commercial Officer
+46 7085 88555

442A0578 kopi

Mette Bjerregaard
Chief Financial Officer and HR

+45 7879 7181

442A066ss9 kopi

Andrew King
Managing Director
+44 7825 963700

442A0894 kopi

João Esteves
General Manager Scanmetals UK

+44 7841 872913


Björn Schütt
Managing Director Scanmetals DE
+49 0421 644666-20


Helle Rentzmann Kristensen
Sustainability Manager
+45 2742 9413

442A0921 kopi

Hugo Thomsen
Technical Manager
+45 2751 3428

442A0646 kopi

Lars Viggo Hvolbøll
Chief Information Officer

+45 2334 2624


Careers at Scanmetals

We are always keen to hear from interesting and talented people who want to be a part of Scanmetals.

Please send your CV to:

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