During 2017 Scanmetals UK Ltd was founded, built up and taken into production in cooperation between Scanmetals A/S and Amalgamated Metal Corporation (AMC).
The plant is a further development of the process for extracting metals from incineration slag invented by the Danish company Scanmetals A/S. Metals are cleaned and then separated into different metal fractions and sold as recycled metals worldwide.

The main purpose of Scanmetals has been the development of technology and processes for the division and sorting of Non-ferrous metals. On an ongoing basis we strive to improve in both technology and processes areas of operation.

We also constantly monitor developments relative to new technology, or new or improved treatment methods for waste management in general, for potential application within our focus area of operation.

In collaboration with private and public companies and independent institutions, and through participation in multidisciplinary partnerships, we want to help ensuring of our environmental technology strengthened and the preservation of a worldwide leading position in this field


The long story short

A major reason for our success is the CEO of Scanmetals A/S Mr Ejvind Pedersen. With more than forty years of experience in the smelting and recycling field his knowledge has a fundamental for Scanmetals of today. Ejvind started at an early age to manage lead and tin smelting plants of the Danish company Bergsöe in various countries in South America. Later he became responsible for designing and constructing new plants, including several aluminium plants in America and Denmark. When new technology for sorting non-ferrous came onto the market he continued into recycling for shredded and later incinerated metals.

When you visit us it will become obvious, to you, that our plant is working as one unit. Our employees are as important as anyone in the management. In a process industry like our there are so many different skills needed during a working day. The knowledge of metals, of equipment, of loading, of cleaning, of sorting, of power, of steel constructions, of logistics, of selling and buying are all necessary. They are all skills that together form a unit like the plant we have today.

No one mentioned – No one forgotten. Together we are proud to represent Scanmetals!


The overall objective is the development of technologies and improvement processes for sorting and extracting fine non-ferrous metals for a greater environmental benefit.


To extract useable metals from incineration ashes, and other material with similar properties, using world class technology and processes developed by us.