125MT Incinerated Heavies and Zorba-X

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    20th November 2019


    Material continue to pop in.
    We would like to offer for answer latest Monday:

    New today:
    50 ton incinerated Heavies 30-60mm
    Cu 12,17%
    Brass 54,41%
    SS 23,08%
    Coin 3,77%
    Mix 0,39%
    Waste 6,17%


    50 MT of incinerated Heavies
    15-40mm analys:
    Cu 930g 14,6%
    Coin bad 100g 1,57%
    Alu 27g 0,42%
    Zn 235g 3,69%
    SS 204g 3,2%
    Waste 76g 1,19%
    Brass. 4797g 75,3%
    Au 1g 0,015%

    25 MT Zorba-X 10-60mm (Photos enclosed )
    We would like to offer 25 MT Zorba ex incineration size 10-60mm for prompt sale and loading.
    Material very clean and we found no stones, ash or samd at all.
    Packed in bigbags now. 27kg handpick gave us following specification:
    Aluminium 74,3%...Brass 14,6%...Cu 2,1%...Ag/au 0,1%...Coins 0,2%...SS 6,8%...AlFe 1, waste
    0,2%...SS 6,8%...AlFe 1, waste

    responsible seller: