Scanmetals offers Brass ex incineration for April and May

  • Published

    7th April 2020


    We would like to offer 375 MT Brass ex incineration for loading in April and May.
    Please offer either before Friday 10th or after Monday 15th due to Easter holidays.
    We will sell both before and after.

    BRASS in average:
    Cu 61-63%
    Pb ~2
    Ni 0,3-0,5
    Sn 0,3-0,5
    Al <0,5
    Fe 0,3
    Si <0,05

    • 100 MT DRYINC©BABY HAWK 10-19mm

    • 150 MT DRYINC©JUNIOR HAWK 19-32mm

    • 100 MT DRYINC©SENIOR HAWK 32-60mm

    • 25 MT Handpicked Oversize HAWK >60mm

    Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

    Håkan Larsson