Incinerated Zurik, stainless, CuNiZn from Scanmetals

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    7th August 2020


    Dear customers,

    I would like you to take a look at the stainless and CuNiZn offers of today.
    Materials are ready to be loaded.

    I would also like you to welcome my old colleague mr Jesper Vinther Dueholm who now
    will become more and more involved in and responsible for the sales of heavy non-ferrous grades like clean products
    of copper, brass, zinc and stainless but also Zuriks and Zorbas when available.

    Your answers and questions to both of us, thank you!

    We would like to offer for August loading:

    From Scanmetals Germany
    50MT DRYINC©Degoat 35-60mm
    SS 89,37%...Br 5,62%...Cu 2,41%...Others 2,60%

    From Scanmetals Denmark
    25 MT DRYINC(c)BUFFALO 10-60mm
    Smelters reports: Ni 6,5 - 7,6...Cr 14,2-15,4…Mn 1,9-2,4…Cu 0,8-2,7…Mo 0,5-0,8 balance Fe
    50MT COINS
    Cu 81-83…Ni 11-13…Sn 0,5…Pb 0,02…Zn 4-5

    From Scanmetals England
    45MT DRYINC©LAMB 10-60mm from UK
    SS 89% (316/301/304/321 49%, 202/430 40%),
    Cu+Brass+coins 6%, other nf metals 1%, Fe 0,5%, Waste 2,5%
    55MT HANDPICKED RAM >60mm from UK
    SS 94% (301/304/321 42%, 202/430 52%),
    Cu+Brass+coins 1%, other nf metals 1,5%, Fe 0,5%, Waste 3%

    responible sellers: and