Restarted: Incinerated Brass, Copper and Zinc plus 50MT Scandinavian Honey

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    13th April 2021


    Incinerated Brass, Copper and Zinc plus 65MT Scandinavian Honey

    For loading in April and May, with your answer latest Thursday, 22nd of April:

    50MT Incinerated brass DRYINC©HAWK Junior+Senior Size: 19-60mm
    Cu 61-63% Pb ~2 Ni 0,3-0,5 Sn 0,3-0,5 Al <0,5 Fe 0,3 Si <0,05
    free from organic material.

    Could be combined with….
    10MT Incinerated copper DRYINC©EAGLE Size 19-60mm.
    Smelting result in European furnaces: 94-96% Cu

    4MT Zinc from incineration DRYINC©ZEBRA 19-60
    Average smelting report for incinerated Zinc >10mm:
    Cu 1-2%…Al 5-8%..Pd/Sn/Si 0,5%…Zn 91%…Others 0,1%
    For 5-10mm Al is 10%
    Metal yield between 82 and 88%.


    65MT Scandinavian Brass Honey.
    Quality as per attached photos (from loading beginning February)
    One container ready for loading, 2nd container ready end April.

    Scanmetals was recently awarded Ernst and Youngs award for most innovative company in Denmark 2020.
    That was now the 2nd time!

    Responsible sellers

    Håkan and Anton Larsson
    Scanmetals Group
    Ongoing Sales - Scanmetals : Scanmetals