Copper Alloy Coins

  • Published

    25th February 2020


    We would like to offer rejected coins. Coins that are not possible to reuse!

    White coins
    Washed white coins. A majority is CuNi alloy 75/25 but there will be other coin alloys. Last smelting reports as follows
    Cu 78,96% Ni 19,26% Others 1,75% (Zn, Fe, Cr) Sn 0,02% Pb 0,01%

    Red and yellow coins
    Washed red and yellow coins. The alloys are numerous but the content remains stable. Last smelting reports as follows:
    Cu 88-92% balance Zn, Al, Ni, Fe, Cr

    Mixed coins unwashed
    Mixed unwashed coins is approx 50% white and 50% red. There are some other metals like keys and flat non-ferrous pieces. Smelting result as follows
    Cu 81,46% Ni 11,85% Sn 0,59% Pb 0,02% Zn 4,11% Others 1,97% (Fe, Cr)

    A hand sorted quality of Swedish old 1/2kr alloy 75/25 and 5kr 72/28.

    Material packed in closed bigbags or in sealed boxes in weights decided by customer.
    Material will be sold as scrap for smelting without exception.

    Prices to latest 3rd of February