Aluminium from shredders

  • Published

    18th August 2020


    We would like to present our new qualities of aluminium originating from shredders.

    Brand name is DRYMILL© indicating that we process material without water.
    Quality name is PUMA. We sell 2-5, 5-10 and 10-60mm. During August, quantities
    will not be huge and mainly for inviting our customers to have samples.
    Size 10-60mm is sold with two specifications. Estimated MY 85-90%

    PUMA KING 10-60mm PUMA QUEEN 10-60mm
    See photo for latest specification report

    The smaller sizes below 10mm will be higher in copper and lower in MY
    Qualities have not yet been smelted and analyzed.

    On offer in total for September delivery:

    PUMA KING 10-60mm 100MT Photo 1 2 3 and 10 (specification)
    PUMA QUEEN 10-60mm 50MT Photo 4 5 and 10 (specification)
    PUMA 5-10mm 15MT Photo 6 7
    PUMA 2-5mm 10MT Photo 8 9

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