800MT Scanmetals Copper Brass and Zinc

  • Published

    7th December 2020


    Below sales will be handled by:
    Jesper Dueholm
    +45 2490 5009

    All answers have to be sent to him, thank you!

    For loading end December until end February.
    For answer latest Thursday 10th of December we would like to offer:

    150-200MT Incinerated copper DRYINC©EAGLE
    Size 19-60mm. Smelting result in European furnaces: 94-96% Cu

    25MT Shredded copper DRYMILL@CROCODILE
    Size 10-60mm. Estimated Cu content by smelting 96-98% Cu

    300-350MT Incinerated brass DRYINC©HAWK
    5-10mm 100MT
    10-19mm 35MT
    19-60mm 200MT
    Cu 61-63% Pb ~2 Ni 0,3-0,5 Sn 0,3-0,5 Al <0,5 Fe 0,3 Si <0,05
    free from organic material

    40MT Shredded zinc DRYMILL©OWL
    Size 5-10mm 16MT
    Size 10-60mm 25MT
    Estimated smelting analysis: Cu-56,74 Zn-40,67 Pb-2,45

    85-135MT Incinerated zinc DRYINC©ZEBRA
    5-10mm 35-85MT
    10-19mm 25MT
    19-32mm 25MT
    Average smelting report for Zinc >10mm:
    Cu 1-2%…Al 5-8%..Pd/Sn/Si 0,5%…Zn 91%…Others 0,1%
    For 5-10mm Al is 10%
    Metal yield between 82 and 88%.

    40MT Shredded zinc DRYMILL©DONKEY
    5-10mm 10MT
    10-60mm 33MT
    Material consist of mixed Zamak qualities