140 MT of Scanmetals Zinc ex shredder or incineration. For February and March shipment!

  • Published

    3rd February 2021


    We would like to offer for answer latest Tuesday …the 9th of February.

    Zinc from incineration DRYINC©ZEBRA .
    • 5-10mm 50MT
    • 10-19mm 25MT
    • 19-60 25MT
    Average smelting report for incinerated Zinc >10mm:
    Cu 1-2%…Al 5-8%..Pd/Sn/Si 0,5%…Zn 91%…Others 0,1%
    For 5-10mm Al is 10%
    Metal yield between 82 and 88%.

    Shredded zinc from Zorba DRYMILL©DONKEY
    • 5-10mm 7MT
    • 10-60mm 43MT

    Material consist of mixed Zamak qualities
    Mainly Zamak 5 according to our tests.
    Better reports will come later on.

    Material all packed in bigbags and we can and will load
    all types together if best but we can load material loose.

    Responsible sellers
    Håkan Larsson
    Anton Larsson