600 MT Incinerated and Shredded BRASS Updated

  • Published

    4th February 2021


    Due to unstable market we postpone our sale until 4th of March.

    For loading in March and April, with your answer latest Thursday,4th of March:

    400MT Incinerated brass DRYINC©HAWK
    5-10mm 25MT
    10-19mm 100MT
    19-60mm 200MT
    Cu 61-63% Pb ~2 Ni 0,3-0,5 Sn 0,3-0,5 Al <0,5 Fe 0,3 Si <0,05
    free from organic material

    200MT Shredded BRASS DRYMILL©OWL
    Size 5-10mm 50MT
    Size 10-60mm 50MT
    Estimated smelting analysis: Cu-56,74 Zn-40,67 Pb-2,45

    Responsable sellers: