25-40MT Handpicked Demolition scrap and 10MT Handpicked Incinerated Copper/Brass

  • Published

    15th July 2020


    a) 25-40MT Handpicked Demolition scrap and
    b) 10MT Handpicked Incinerated Copper/Brass

    We would like to offer some handpicked scrap

    a) 25-40MT of separated heavy metals from demolition. See specification below.

    b) 10MT of Copper pipes with brass fittings from incineration.

    Please offer before Friday 17th and preferably with a pricelist for adjustment.

    Last handpicking result of
    a).....Brass 64,9%...Copper 11,4%...Aluminium 14,9%...Zinc 7,9%...Waste 1,0%

    b).....How much brass and copper there is in the complex Cu/Brass material I can only guess.
    I presume however that this is well known by any hand sorting operation.

    responsible seller