100 MT Tiger with slightly higher Cu and Zn

  • Published

    13th May 2019


    Dear Sirs!
    From time to time we get a material size 5-10 mm with a little more Cu and Zn.
    Now we offer 100 MT for loading in May and beginning June.
    Please offer latest Thursday this week!
    We checked earlier deliveries of this material and estimate analysis as follows:

    DRYINC©TIGER 5-10 mm est. MY 76-78%
    Al 96%, Si between 0,8-1,0%, approx.: Fe 0,4%, Cu 1,2-2,0%, Mn 0,3%, Mg 0,3%, Zn 0,8-1,2 %, Others 0,1%

    Material is very hard to visually differ from our normal Tiger.
    Hope this could be of interest to you for May and June delivery.

    responsible seller