Introducing new DRYINC products


March 27, 2018

We expand our product portfolio with a new product line, Clean Sorted in our registry brand DRYINC.

An advantage with the materials from Scanmetals © process is that the absence of organics and impurities allows us to separate and make the heavy metals ready for direct use in furnace. In terms of technics, this is not a problem for Scanmetals today.

Clean sorted zinc, brass and copper is already available. Whenever there is a commercial or any other reason, Scanmetals stands ready to process not only zinc, brass and copper but also more specified alloys if so needed.

These three new products are called:

Clean sorted copper from incineration.

Clean sorted brass from incineration.

Clean sorted zinc from incineration.

Find pictures and more information on our product page.

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/ Håkan Larsson